£6000 boost for mental health as brave 25 abseil town’s tallest building

£6000 boost for mental health as brave 25 abseil town’s tallest building

By Jill Dando News

Some £6,000 raised for mental health as 25 people abseil down the side of the biggest building in a town.

The abseiled down Holy Trinity Church Tower in Nailsea, Somerset to raise funds for Wellspring.

The event was a resounding success, generating an impressive £6,000 for the charity, thanks in part to matched funding from the Rev Ted Baines Trust.

"We had great fun raising money for Wellspring," said a spokesperson for the organization.

The abseiling event was just one part of a larger fundraising effort that included a skills auction held at the church.

This unique auction, where participants could bid on services such as "two hour's weeding" or "a day's DIY," brought in an additional £1,000.

Wellspring expressed gratitude for the support received from various sources, including Quartet, other charitable trusts, and North Somerset Council.

The charity's funding officers, pictured in the event photos, were praised for their tireless efforts in securing financial support.

The importance of these fundraising initiatives cannot be overstated, as the charity revealed the significant costs associated with their work. "It costs us almost £20,000 a month to deliver 440 low cost counselling sessions," the spokesperson explained.

This successful event not only raised much-needed funds but also highlighted the community's willingness to support vital mental health services.

As Wellspring continues its mission to provide affordable counselling, the generosity and adventurous spirit of local residents prove to be invaluable assets.

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