5-year-old Bella is world’s youngest author

5-year-old Bella is world’s youngest author

By Jill Dando News

Five-year-old Bella J Dark from Weymouth, Dorset stunned her family last year when she told them she was going to write a book.

Fast forward to a year later, Bella has become the world's youngest author.

Her first book titled 'The Lost Cat' has been officially published by Ginger Fyre Press.

Bella's parents - Chelsie Syme and Myles Dark - at first thought that she was saying the regular impractical stuff that kids say.

However, they were astonished when Bella's book became a real title and got officially published.

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The book’s blurb reads: “The Lost Cat features a feline who goes on an adventure and soon learns an important lesson.

“The lost cat written by 5-year-old Bella J Dark tells the story of Snowy, a kitten who gets lost. In doing so, Snowy learns a valuable lesson. This book delivers a powerful and positive safety message to children”

To claim the official Guinness World Record accolade of the youngest author, Bella needs to sell 1,000 copies of the book. She has met the other two criteria - namely, that the book be published by an official company and that she be younger than seven.

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