3 gymnastic stars chosen to compete and represent England! (By Evie, 12)

By Evie, 12, Jill Dando News Correspondent

There are jubilant celebrations as three gymnastic stars represent England.

Three fantastic students from The Priory Learning Trust have had the amazing chance to compete for England with their team at the Caledonia International in April 2024!

This is an amazing, once in a lifetime opportunity as the girls have been picked to represent England. 

Abigail in Year 11, and Maddison, Year 10, both students at Priory Community School Academy are sharing their routine with their younger partner, Ella, Year 6, St Anne’s Church Academy in West Wick.

Splitz Gymnastics club have set up an online fundraiser to help put money towards their trip to Scotland and they have had many donations; so far they have collected £2,195 and their goal was only 1,500! 

Click here to donate! 

Evie says: “Good luck, your school and you country are behind you so we hope it goes well for you all!”

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