DiCaprio-backed rewilding campaign smashes £200K target in 6 Days

DiCaprio-backed rewilding campaign smashes £200K target in 6 Days
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By Jill Dando News

A campaign for Scotland to become the first Rewilding Nation in the world, backed by Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio, has smashed an ambitious fundraising bid to raise £200,000 in just six days – 24 hours ahead of its original one-week target.

A fantastic group called the Scottish Rewilding Alliance has a wonderful plan to help nature thrive across 30% of Scotland. This alliance is made up of over 20 organizations that care deeply about the environment.

One of the members, Rewilding Britain, has launched an amazing campaign called Rewilding Nation.

They're trying to raise £200,000 to make this dream a reality.

The Alliance also has a special Rewilding Nation Charter that asks the Scottish Government to declare Scotland a Rewilding Nation.

Thousands of people have already signed it because they believe in this positive change.

Kevin Cumming from Rewilding Britain is so grateful for everyone's support. He said Scotland has an incredible opportunity to tackle the nature and climate challenges while creating amazing benefits for communities and people.

Even the famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio is on board! He posted on Instagram, telling his 62 million followers that Scotland could lead the way in rewilding its beautiful landscapes.

This would help clean the air and water, store carbon, reduce flooding, bring back wildlife, and improve life for everyone.

The money raised will go towards exciting community events, meetings with leaders, a guide to help communities rewild, and projects to get young people involved.

Kids are really passionate about protecting the planet they'll inherit.

Scotland has struggled with losing too much of its natural habitats and wildlife.

But this ambitious plan aims to restore incredible places like peatlands, native woodlands, wetlands, rivers, and seas - all without taking away productive farmland.

A spokesperson said: “It's such an inspiring vision for a greener, more nature-filled Scotland. By working together, big positive changes can happen! Isn't that something to feel hopeful about?”

For more information, visit www.rewild.scot.

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